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Infant, child, and adolescent health checks

We’re always delighted to see infants, and children for well-child care. Dr Messina at NJ Smart Heart uses the most current information to deal with and help you understand new and ongoing issues. He is skilled and experienced in dealing with the issues, challenges and rewards that commonly occur throughout the adolescent age of change.

Can you perform minor surgeries?

No. If you require a cosmetic or minor surgery, we can refer you to another doctor's office or set up an appointment at Passaic Hospital.

Primary Care / Family Practice

We provide services for patients of any age from newborn to elderly.  We focus on preventive and person-centered care, The NJ Smart Heart team uses the most up-to-date information to help you improve your health, access needed treatments and avoid unnecessary interventions.


NJ Smart Heart has local experts for nutritional counseling and meal planning. There is no one available for counseling of stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Acute Care

For emergencies, contact 911 or go to your closest emergency room.

Booking Appointments

All visits booked online are only for phone appointments only. To book an in-person appointment please call the office: (973) 500-3715.


We follow strict safety protocols. If you do not have a face mask, please accept the one we provide for you. Employees temperatures are taken daily. PPE is single use and then disgarded. Between patients, there is a required time to sanitize and disinfect so wait times for in-person appointments could be longer than normal.

Please help us help you!

How do I hear about test results?

All patients are expected to come back to follow-up on test results. At the end of your visit, speak to your doctor about the appropriate time to come back. If the lab results don’t make sense to you, please make an appointment and discuss the results with your doctor. You can view lab results through the online portal.

For privacy reasons and logistical reasons we cannot provide test results over the phone nor inform you if test results have arrived.

Can I get prescriptions refilled over the phone?

We prescribe medications for the duration of time required before reassessment. If your prescription is running out then this is a reminder to come in to reassess how you are doing, and what, if any, changes we need to make. We are sometimes able to decrease or even stop medications, and are happy to discuss this with you when we see you.

Health Insurance

We accept most health insurance plan providers. Please call to confirm while you book your first appointment.

Video / Phone calls

To increase accessibility and convenience to our patients, We have the option to do some followup consultations for existing patients outside the office.